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The best and cheapest accommodation in Kangerlussuaq, Greenland, from only 200,- dk/kr a night.
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Vi accepterer fortsat ikke berusede eller fulde gæster, ligesom rygning er forbudt. Hvis man er fuld eller ryger indendørs kan man ikke bo hos os.
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The excursion goes to the area south of Kangerlussuaq, where we look after musk oxen from the road. The tour is in a jeep with room for four passengers.

It is not musk oxen each time as they draw around the area, and during certain periods also being hunted. There will approx. be musk-oxen to see 50% of the trips. When musk-ox there, it will be possible to go out into the terrain and photograph more closely if the animals are quiet and the guide assess it safe.

During the tour, stop will be made at Black Ridge (by the radar in the mountains south of the city) where you can see Kangerlussuaq from top to get a few good pictures.

The cost of the trip is 900,- in total. This is irrespective of the number of persons, with four people the price i 225,- each. But if you are only two is it 450, - per person.