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The best and cheapest accommodation in Kangerlussuaq, Greenland, from only 200,- dk/kr a night.
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Vi accepterer fortsat ikke berusede eller fulde gæster, ligesom rygning er forbudt. Hvis man er fuld eller ryger indendørs kan man ikke bo hos os.
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Prices 2020

1 person pr night in shared room with sheets and linen                                                             kr. 275,-

1 person pr night in shared room in own sleepingbag, big dorm 30 persons                           kr. 200,-

1 person pr night in shared room in own sleepingbag, small dorm 4-6 persons                      kr. 225,-

Supplementary price for singleroom (when possible)                                                                 kr. 200,-

1 person daytime use without stay overnight 10.00-20.00                                                            kr. 100,-

Sheet rental for the whole stay (use sheet on madras at all times)                                              kr. 25,-

Luxury room for two person with sheets and linen                                                                       kr. 650,-

Family room with bedroom and livingroom with TV, for two people                                      kr. 950,-

Family room, +250,- pr ekstra person in the room up to max 4 people.

Towelrent, for the whole stay                                                                                                          kr. 15,-

Wireles internet pr 1/2 hour                                                                                                              kr. 25,-

Checkin 20.00 to 23.00 one time fee                                                                                               kr. 250,-

Checkin after 23.00 one time fee                                                                                                    kr. 500,-

We accept the danish debetcard Dankort and Cash in dk/kr, euro = 7 dk/kr, US dollars = 6 dk/kr. Can change when exchange rate does.

There is a cashmashine in the airportterminal near the hotel reception.